Building a dock for future Fisherman Project

We have a dream of creating jobs for the families in the slum are. We strongly believe that it is far better to teach a man to fish rather than giving him a fish. Taking this literally, we have decided to start a fishermen’s project. But first things first. Before we start this project we need a place to safely doc our boats. We have the location but need help with the dock.

  • Tow part dock. Half cement, half floating wood dock
  • 12m. out (cement) and 10m. to the side (Floating)
  • To be used for future job making project (The fishermen’s project)

Please feel free to donate an amount of your own choice to this unique Streetlight project. We can ensure you that your contribution will go directly to the project as specified on this page.

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  • Or, if you prefer, donate via our account number: 4202 34 08575

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