Family Reintegration

One of the main programs of Streetlight is the Residential Care Program. In this program a street child is admitted into our care for a period of time. Constant love, affection and care are given to the child to ensure that a family is a good and safe place to be in. At present, we have 23 children.

The ultimate goal for the program is for these children to return to life with their families or alternative homes as a productive, self-managing individuals and contributing members of their family and community. We are happy and fulfilled that many of our children were ready to go back and be united again with their family after 2- 3 years of their stay with us. Eight (8) children are now with their families and three (3) children is on the process of going back to a family life and one (1) child is on the process for independent living.

The children’s stay in the center had greatly changed their lives. These kids were once living and lost on the street and marked as a street child but now they are a changed person inside and out and are ready to be a responsible young child to their families and communities.

After a series of conference and counseling between the child and his family our Residential Social Worker individually discharged these children in the program for them to live with their respective families. To continue our support and guidance to these children, after care services were given to them upon family reintegration. We also enrolled them in our Community Based Scholarship Program in which we support their education, nutrition and extracurricular needs.

Streetlight would like to say THANK YOU to all who partnered with us to help us in giving these children a loving, caring and child friendly environment that molds and prepares them to be reintegrated again with their family. We will all miss them in the center, but we are happy as they step forward to face a new beginning of their life with their family.

We all look forward for new children that will be admitted into our care and we will count on your loyal support to be able to provide and guide them to a better future. We believe that we can be better and do more together.


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