Documentary about Streetlight on NRK

Although we can never understand what life must be like for the children in Tacloban, the NRK documentary "Underveis/ On a journey" gives us a deeper insight. Don't miss it, aired on NRK2 December 12th at 19.45, and on NRK1 December 16th at 17.30.

Now you get a chance to learn more about Streetlight and the life of the children in Tacloban. You hear the sounds of the children and you can almost smell the characteristic smell of the ocean combined with the chaos of the slum. In the documentary Erlend and his wife Neva talk about how they built what is now a well functioning orphanage and study center, giving the children of Tacloban a better life. We learn more about the challenges the children face, and see them thrive in the safe surroundings of Streetlight. 

Take a first look at some clips from the documentary here

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