New Study & Development Center

Every time we see a beautiful building or house, we always wonder, who made and designed it to make it ideal in the eyes of many people? Whoever they are… THEY must be great! And now that Streetlight is in the process of making a new Study & Development Center, and the people behind every detail of the new building are simply great!

It has been a long time plan of Streetlight to put up a new Study & Development Center that can double the number of children who get the support needed. Streetlight wants to be able to bring these children to school and to be somewhat rescued from the hopeless life on the street. Now three architecture students from Trondheim, Norway have volunteered at Streetlight to help put this long time plan into action. 

Ivar, Trond and Alex have their own distinctive and amazing way of making the new Study Center. Studying architecture in the Philippines is quite different from Norway, but they were humble enough to learn and adjust to the local culture. They simply make everyone excited and proud to be a part of the building team - both kids, parents and builders. These three students brought back one good attitude of Filipinos, ‘The Bayanihan System’ . “Bayanihan” refers to a spirit of commnunity effort, participation and cooperation, as everyone is involved not only on the planning stage but all throughout. 

Let us join these three young men on their passion and journey for this awesome project. Together let us lend a hand in any way we can in making the new Study Center. 

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