Street Based Programs

In a survey done by the Philippine government, it was found that 30% of street children know where home is, but choose not to go home due to the severe domestic abuse. 10% do not know where home is, and are therefore wandering on the street, fighting for their life.

For all these children, going home is not an option and family is a non existing word. On the street they have no rules, complete freedom, and friends in the same boat with similar backgrounds. But on the streets they also face dangers, hunger and the lack of proper education.

This is where Streetlight comes in!

Through our street based programs we are able to reach out to the children on the street, gaining their trust and a relationship. The purpose of all our street based services, is to create and strengthen the relationship between Streetlight and the children living on the street. There are three different street based programs that each meet a different need with the children:

Street Walk:

•   Time of day: 21:30pm

•   Duration: 1 – 2 hours

•   Frequency: 4-8 times a month

No agenda, no paper works. Simply walking on the street, spending time with the kids who live there. We will sit down on the pavement with the children, talk to them, play and share stories. Getting to know them, showing that we have an interest and we do care.

Night Feeding:

•   Time of day: 04:00 am

•   Duration: 1-2 hours

•   Frequency: 3-4 times a month

If you meet a child, who just came from a fight, just ran away from the police or just did drugs, you will find it hard to connect with him or her. All the experiences of the day have been put up as a wall around the child. It is difficult to get through. All though the walls are still there, they are a bit transparent when they wake up, around 04:00 - 05:00am.

NB: If this is done more frequently, it will increase the number of children living and staying on the streets.

Play at Streetlight:

•   Time of day: Friday, Saturday, Sunday

•   Duration: 3-4 hours

•   Frequency: Every week

Children living on the street get a chance to play freely, in a safe environment. It allows them to get to know the Streetlight center and staff. Again, it’s all about building trust, and relationships.

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