Work for Streetlight Norway

We would like you to join our young and dynamic Streetlight organization here in Norway. We have a number of very exciting tasks and challenges to offer you - and we look forward to welcoming you into the Streetlight family.

Streetlight in Norway consists of 5 young ‘trøndere’ based in Trondheim who have been a part of the organization since its beginning in 2004. All of us in Streetlight Norway work voluntarily and we are responsible for the recruitment of volunteers going to Tacloban, sponsorships and partners, marketing- and fundraising activities, amongst other things.

Streetlight is expanding continuously and we are currently looking to recruit a number of enthusiastic and hardworking volunteers. Streetlight has several exciting projects running- both in Norway and Tacloban – and we might just need your help to realize the visions and dreams of Streetlight.

Here is a list of positions available for volunteers (in Norwegian only):

- Informasjons- og evalueringsansvarlig for frivillige som reiser til Tacloban
- Redaktør for Streetlight sitt nyhetsbrev
- Foredragsholder for Streetlight sine samarbeidspartnere
- PR-ansvarlig som organisasjonens talsmann overfor media
- Fadderansvarlig for organisasjonens fadderordning
- Prosjektansvarlig i skolesamarbeid
- Prosjektansvarlig i barnehagesamarbeid
- ”Go-getter”Bedrift/Fond

Here you will find more detalied descriptions of each of these positions.

See you soon!

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