Study and Development Center

A child that goes out from the Residential care center is always included into Streetlight’s Study and Development Center. This way, we ensure the quality of education for the child, and we get to follow the child and the parents further, to help them and assist them in their efforts to make life good for the child.

In addition to the 28 children in the Residential Care, there are 42 children from the streets attending the study and development center. 60% of all street children in the Philippines come from non abusive families, but are forced to a life working on the street due to poverty. Poverty alone is not enough to remove a child away from the family, it is much better to help the family. So with this holistic approach, we enrolled more children in to the study and development center.

Each child is equipped with a personal sponsor, to whom she writes to. Thanks to this sponsor, the child gets a school uniform, books and school supplies needed to attend Philippine schools. After school the child comes to the Study Center, where our teachers await, to help them with their assignments and additional tutoring due to the fact that they have missed out on years of schooling.

Each of the children at the center is automatically enrolled in to our Art Venture Program. Here they are taught how to draw, paint, sing, play instruments, dance and play sports. They get to choose what field they want to enter, and the feeling of mastering greatly empowers them.

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Streetlight work towards bringing all the neglected children back to their families

Streetlight runs a shelter care center for 25 children

In the Study and Development Centre 70 children are financially supported through regular school in Tacloban

Every year 40 volunteers from Norway and Canada travel to Tacloban to help make life better for the children in Tacloban

Our street based programs focus on spending time with, and feeding children living on the street

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