Residential Care

Streetlight Residential Care is where Streetlight wants to make the child ready for a family life, once again.

Today there are 28 children living with Streetlight. Only through time, and consistent love and care, can these children be ensured that a family is a good and safe place to be in. We are helping them where they need it the most, in any of the five aspects of their life; social, emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual. Due to the fact that each child has his or her own story to tell, it is crucial that the help effort is specialized to fit each and every child, individually.

When a child is ready for a family life, we always try to reunite the child with the biological family. If this is not possible even after working with the family, we look at other options such as other relatives, extended family or in the end foster parents, adoption, or independent living as a last resort.

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